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We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.

At Reach Academy we pride ourselves on ensuring that each students receives the personalized help and support they need to achieve their academic goals. We believe in individuality, sharing knowledge and building strong support networks. Our small class sizes, private sessions and high achieving, relatable tutors create a learning environment that encourages our students to enjoy learning.

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“Reach Academy has improved my education immensely and has enabled me to achieve high marks such as 3rd in English and 2nd in Economics. I am able to relate to the teachers and their teaching methods are easy to understand. They provide great feedback which helps me to improve. Very nice people here :)”

The Ponds High School

Ruhi Zankar, Year 12
“The teachers at Reach Academy are extremely helpful and motivating. They helped boost my confidence and my marks in the HSC year!”

Castle Hill High School

Charlie Walker, Year 12 | 2020 HSC
“Reach Academy has such a great learning environment through detailed resources and dedicated teachers who push students to achieve their full potential.”

Baulkham Hills High School

Jack Zhao, Year 12 | 2020 HSC
“Kind of I've been trying more hard this year and Reach Academy helped me understand better!”

Baulkham Hills High School

Emily Zhang, Year 9
Mum: “Reach Academy provided my daughter with an amazing learning experience in a great environment with inspirational teachers who always want the best for her. It also provided her with confidence in her subjects, as she always learnt the content ahead of time.”

Matthew Pearce Public School | 2020 Selective

Margaret Zhao, Year 6
“After coming to Reach Academy, I could see some improvements in my school studies as well as grades. Teachers have thoroughly explained topics and made them easier to understand. Overall Reach Academy is really helpful and improves your knowledge and understanding in subjects.”

Carlingford High School

Jessie Chen, Year 7
“Reach Academy has helped improve my education, specifically for maths. Reach has given me sufficient resources to improve. It has been very supportive and helpful in terms of extra academic help!”

William Clarke College

Isabelle Bacani, Year 9
Mum: “A dedicated staff of teachers, tutors and service team, a great learning environment and an excellent bank of resources provided by Reach Academy were intrinsic components in assisting my daughter to achieve her Selective School goals.”

Matthew Pearce Public School | 2020 Selective

Selina Xu, Year 6
“The tutors at Reach Academy helped me understand and how to solve my problems I have with school work. My experience at Reach Academy has been satisfactory. The tutors are able to help me with my troubles.”

Normanhurst Boys High School

Leon Ding, Year 8
“Yes, targeted strategies for studying, explanation of difficult topics. I improved significantly during my time at Reach Academy for maths through the help I received here.”

Baulkham Hills High School

Ava He, Year 8
“It helps expand my knowledge in both English and Math which helps me in school. The extra work we get in class and at home and learning different things that benefit me during school. Learning new things in which it has expanded my knowledge in a positive way.”

St Marks Catholic College

Gabriel Ocampo, Year 9
Dad: “Yes, before Aaron start attending Reach Academy. He has difficulty understand complex English article. After attending RA, all his reading comprehension, writing, math and General Ability have shown noticeable improvement. RA provide a good competitive study environment which motivate Aaron to try harder to own good marks among the peer students. Teachers are also very skilled, which help Aaron improve his weak area in systematic way.” 

Kings Langley Public School

Aaron Qiao, Year 3 | 2021 OC
“The classes are great and I’ve progressed a lot by attending the weekend workshops for areas where I’m weak.”

Carlingford High School

Mary Lee, Year 11
“The teachers at REACH have really helped me not only with my studies, but also with my approach to school and my motivation.”

Baulkham Hills High School

Andrew Wong, Year 11
“REACH is the best college! There’s always a good vibe inside and outside of the classroom.”

Pennant Hills High School

Emily Tylor, Year 10

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