16 03, 2024

AI & Coding Courses For Kids


Learning to code may be extremely difficult for adults, which leads many parents to believe that learning to code is impossible for children. However, in today's world of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, coding is quickly becoming one of [...]

AI & Coding Courses For Kids2024-04-16T23:49:16+10:00
9 12, 2023

English K-10 (2022) Syllabus (Years 7-10)


The English K-10 Syllabus (2022) replaces the English K-10 Syllabus (2012) from 2024. The English K-10 Syllabus 2022 (Years 7–10) content builds on the foundational skills developed in the earlier years and this supports the growing knowledge, understanding and [...]

English K-10 (2022) Syllabus (Years 7-10)2023-12-10T03:45:09+11:00
9 12, 2023

Mathematics K–10 (2022) Syllabus (Years 7–10)


The Mathematics K–10 Syllabus (2022) now includes outcomes and content for years 3–10. Planning and preparation for years 7–10 begins from 2023 with implementation in 2024. The Mathematics K–10 Syllabus (2022) recognises the critical importance that working mathematically plays [...]

Mathematics K–10 (2022) Syllabus (Years 7–10)2023-12-10T03:45:18+11:00
4 01, 2022

Redeem Creative Kids voucher today!


Great News. We have registered our creative writing program with Service NSW to redeem Creative Kids voucher. Create something great. Claim your $100! How can I claim my NSW Creative Kids Rebate? It’s quick and easy to claim a voucher. [...]

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9 09, 2019

Change to the English Studies Assessment and Reporting requirements


NESA 35/19 Who needs to read this notice: Principals Curriculum co-ordinators HSC co-ordinators English Head Teachers English Teachers Effective: Year 12 2020 HSC, commencing Term 4 2019 English Studies Stage 6 – Change to School Based Assessment Requirements For [...]

Change to the English Studies Assessment and Reporting requirements2022-01-04T11:45:46+11:00
9 09, 2019

HSC Minimum Standard


Students need reading, writing and numeracy for everyday life after school. This is why students in NSW are being supported to meet a minimum standard of literacy and numeracy to receive the HSC from 2020. To show [...]

HSC Minimum Standard2022-01-04T11:46:51+11:00
21 08, 2019

New HSC Syllabuses


New syllabuses for HSC English, maths, science and history were released today updating the knowledge and skills students will develop for the workforce and further study. Feedback from more than 7000 teachers, students, professional associations, industry representatives and academics [...]

New HSC Syllabuses2022-01-04T11:47:48+11:00