NESA 35/19

Who needs to read this notice:
Curriculum co-ordinators
HSC co-ordinators
English Head Teachers
English Teachers

Effective: Year 12 2020 HSC, commencing Term 4 2019

English Studies Stage 6 – Change to School Based Assessment Requirements

For the 2020 HSC and beyond, schools are advised that an amendment has been made to the school based assessment requirements for English Studies.

NESA requires schools to submit an estimated exam mark for all students entered for an optional HSC exam. The mark is an estimate of likely performance in the HSC examination and reflects each student’s achievement in a task or tasks similar to the HSC exam. The estimated mark is not reported and is used only in the case of a successful illness/misadventure appeal.

For the 2020 HSC and beyond, English Studies teachers will not be required to derive the estimated mark from a formal written exam that is part of the school-based assessment program. This change provides schools with greater flexibility in the design of the English Studies school-based assessment program.

The new Assessment and Reporting in English Studies Stage 6 document is available on the English Studies syllabus page. The Assessment and Reporting in English Studies Stage 6 document for Year 12 2019 HSC candidates will remain available until January 2020.

PowerPoint presentations are available on Schools Online that assist schools in understanding the assessment and reporting requirements in English Studies.