11 09, 2019

What subjects do you offer?


At Reach Academy we offer tutoring services for students ranging from Year 7 to Year 12, specialising in the core subjects offered for the NSW Board of Studies HSC including: English (English As Second Language, Standard, Advanced, Extension 1 and [...]

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11 09, 2019

Who are REACH’s teachers and tutors?


Qualified Teachers, Top-State Ranking university students or PhD Academics, who not just tutor, but mentor you. They have years of experience teaching with incredible results. Reach Academy employs a strong academic team consisting of state ranking tutors with an extremely [...]

Who are REACH’s teachers and tutors?2019-09-11T14:43:19+10:00
11 09, 2019

Do you offer one on one tutoring?


Yes we do. Most tutoring centres offer either one on one or group tuition, but not many do both. We believe both can be beneficial, depending on the needs of your child. Reach Academy Private Tutoring provides the highest quality [...]

Do you offer one on one tutoring?2019-09-11T15:28:29+10:00