3 07, 2024

Who are your tutors?


We have three levels of tutors: Head teachers, who are the most experienced and qualified school heads Senior teachers, who are very experienced school teachers Tutors, who are high-achieving university students with high ATARS and state ranks [...]

Who are your tutors?2024-07-03T18:13:15+10:00
3 07, 2024

What if a tutor cannot make a session?


If a tutor is unable to make a session, we will try reschedule the session. However, if the reschedule times are not suitable, we will fully refund the fee paid.

What if a tutor cannot make a session?2024-07-04T17:00:27+10:00
3 07, 2024

What if I want to cancel a booked session?


If you are not able to attend the session, you can choose to either reschedule the session (though this is subject to the tutor's availabilities), or cancel the session. A cancellation fee of 25% of the session's price applies. [...]

What if I want to cancel a booked session?2024-07-04T16:59:16+10:00
3 07, 2024

What do Booking Alerts mean?


We have two booking alerts - "same day booking" and "within 24 hours". For both alerts, due to short notice for the tutor, we have the right to postpone or cancel (with refund) your session. However, the session will [...]

What do Booking Alerts mean?2024-07-03T16:44:33+10:00
3 07, 2024

How long are the sessions?


Each session is 1 hour long. However, you can book as many sessions as you'd like.

How long are the sessions?2024-07-04T11:25:47+10:00
3 07, 2024

What if I don’t have an Enrolment Code?


There are two scenarios where you may not have an Enrolment Code: If you are already enrolled in Reach group tutoring, but do not have an Enrolment Code, you can reach out to our admin team to ask for [...]

What if I don’t have an Enrolment Code?2024-07-04T11:26:09+10:00
3 07, 2024

What are Enrolment Codes?


Once students successfully enrol in our group classes each term, they will receive an Enrolment Code, which will be valid for one term. Depending on the enrolment plan paid for, students will receive a number of FREE one-on-one Onsite or Online Workshops [...]

What are Enrolment Codes?2024-07-03T16:34:43+10:00
3 07, 2024

What is the difference between Workshops vs Group vs Normal 1-on-1?


Group classes are a small number of students tutored by one teacher. Our normal 1-on-1s involve scheduled weekly lessons where one student is taught by one tutor, paid for on a termly basis. Our Workshops allow convenient booking of [...]

What is the difference between Workshops vs Group vs Normal 1-on-1?2024-07-04T10:34:10+10:00