New syllabuses for HSC English, maths, science and history were released today updating the knowledge and skills students will develop for the workforce and further study.

Feedback from more than 7000 teachers, students, professional associations, industry representatives and academics overwhelmingly support the new syllabuses.

Released by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), the 19 new Stage 6 syllabuses will be taught to Year 11 students from 2018 and to Year 12 students from 2019. The calculus-based maths syllabuses have been released in final draft to allow for further, targeted consultation.

The new NESA syllabuses are part of the NSW Government’s Stronger HSC Standards reforms announced last year.

Chairperson of NESA Tom Alegounarias said the new syllabuses will provide HSC students with a richer learning experience, providing time for students to engage with subjects in more depth and to develop a greater mastery of knowledge and skills.

‘The 19 new syllabuses ensure the currency, reliability, continuing integrity and international reputation of the HSC,’ Mr Alegounarias said.

New Life Skills syllabuses have also been developed for English, Mathematics, Science, Ancient History and Modern History to ensure the content and skills in all syllabuses is appropriate for students with special education needs.

NESA Chief Executive Officer David de Carvalho said,  ‘The strength of the NSW syllabuses and the world-class reputation of the HSC rests on extensive consultation with the education community, including support and input from principals, teachers, academics and parents.’

‘The syllabuses are designed to equip NSW students with the skills they will require after they leave school, for further study, work and life,’ Mr de Carvalho said.

The syllabuses have not been updated since the current HSC was launched nearly 20 years ago.