School Teachers VS Tutors.

Our head teachers are extremely qualified and experienced individuals, who have had multiple years of experience in their respective fields. These teachers include PhD holders, head teachers of private and Selective schools, Head HSC Senior markers, ICAS and NAPLAN markers and top university lecturers. This completely differs from normal tutors who are less familiar with their subject matters and school syllabuses, meaning our students are able to gain the maximum benefits from their tutoring experience. 

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Small Group VS Big Class.

Our classes are structured as small groups, usually ranging from 4-8 students per class. This allows teachers to monitor each students’ individual progress and address their distinct needs personally. This differs from big classes, where students’ individual concerns may not be heard. Thus with our classes, students are able to benefit greatly from their tutoring courses, being able to interact more with teachers and receive more personalised feedback. 

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Transparency VS Confidentiality.

Our tutoring centre believes transparency between our parents and the content their children are learning as well as their in-class progress is key to ensuring our students are receiving maximum support both in and out of the classroom. This is significantly more beneficial than keeping classes confidential, which can hinder a child’s progress as parents are not able to assist their child fully. As such, we encourage regular interactions between our parents and teachers so parents are able to play a larger role in their child’s education. 

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Tailored Material VS Textbooks.

Reach Academy utilises material created by our teachers specifically tailored to each class, ensuring each topic of the school syllabus is thoroughly covered, with both theory content and abundant practice. While textbooks are not specific to each individual class’ needs, our material allows our students to comprehensively grasp each topic at hand and apply it confidently. 

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