Comm Portal

Reach Academy Comm Portal enables staff, teachers, parents and students to communicate by sending direct or group messages. Users can also share files, attend online meetings or classes, send video or audio clips, create notes, give feedback, view reports, e-sign or collaborate together using annotations, comments, etc.

Our staff, teachers, parents and students have everything they need to engage with Reach Academy right at their fingertips.


Scheduling Portal

We use the Teachworks system at Reach Academy to provide a cohesive & secure method to manage teaching sessions & streamline communication between students, parents, teachers & administration.

Students, Parents, Teachers or Staff login here.

LMS Portal

When new students join us, after enrolling in a course, we will create a new DocSend space for them, then send the page access link via email or through our Comm Portal.

  • Access your weekly course material theory booklets.

  • Access our online learning resources including audios&videos, exam-style homework and solutions.

  • Access and download other related study guides, class notes, textbooks and texts.

  • Access past papers with solutions.

  • Download any related files linked to your course.

  • Access your assessment reports.

  • Access your attendance reports.

  • Download your term reports for each course you’ve enrolled.

Guide on how to install and use our portals