After you’ve enrolled with us, we will create a new student account for you. Then you will receive an email with instructions to show you how to login. Please remember to check your spam emails if you cannot find the instructions email.

What can you do with your student account?

Once you have received the new student account from us, you can login into Reach Academy SIS&LMS via our website or visit Below is a list of things you can do:

  • See your class timetable and class information.
  • Access your weekly course material theory booklets.

  • Access our online learning resources including audios&videos, exam-style homework.

  • Access and download other related study guides, class notes, textbooks and texts.
  • Access past papers with solutions.

  • Ask homework help or any course related questions.
  • Access your past and present invoices.
  • Submit quizzes and homework online.

  • Access homework results and solutions.

  • Download any related files linked to your course.

  • Access your assessment reports.

  • Access your attendance reports.

  • Download your termly reports for each course you’ve enrolled.

  • Join the social learning group to discuss with your peers and teachers.

  • Play around with gamification features such as points, levels, certifications, badges, leaderboard and rewards.
  • Get notified with our upcoming events.

  • Response online surveys we request.

  • Receive messages from our admin staff and teachers.


If you haven’t received your student account please contact us. Otherwise simply click the button below to login


Native mobile SIS&LMS apps

Reach Academy SIS&LMS gives you the tools to supercharge every step of your learning.

You need a Reach Academy SIS&LMS account in order to use the Mobile App.