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All our teachers or tutors are personally hand-selected by our Academic Heads. They are all friendly, fully qualified and experienced tutors who meet our high standards for quality of tutoring, experience, passion for teaching and caring about students. Whatever your specific needs may be, we have the right tutors for the task.

CHERYL BARNETTEX James Ruse Agricultural High School English Head Teacher | NESA HSC Senior Marker | B.Ed. | Head of English
Cheryl Barnett has over 20 years experiences of teaching English at selective schools. She also is a private tutor of English for Senior High School students for more than 15 years.
PIV HUOTNESA ST 1 | NESA Mathematics Judging | NESA HSC Advisor | NESA HSC Senior Marker | HSC Assistant Supervisor of Marking | Textbook Reviewer | GDip. Sc. in Pure Mathematics, B.Sc., Dip. Ed., M.Bus. | Head of Maths
Piv Huot has over 30 years experiences of teaching Mathematics including Extension 2 from Year 7 to Year 12, mentoring and coaching new teachers to teach Maths Extension 1 and 2.
ANNA MCHUGHDPhil, Oxford & PhD, USYD | Education Officer | Oxford University, University of Sydney Teacher | Head of English, NSW’s Top Independent School | HSC English Textbook Author | ATAR 99.95 | Head of English
Anna McHugh has over 20 years of experience in teaching English, History, Philosophy and Theory of Knowledge (IB) at high school and university. She has published academical, creative HSC-specific English study resources and Creative Writing workbooks for high school students.
DR FRED TANYOUSPhD, UNSW | Western Sydney University Lecturer | Ex School & TAFE Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Engineering Teacher | Course designer | B.Sc., GDip.Ed., M.BME., Cert. IV in Training, I.E. AU, IERE. UK, IEEE. USA | Head of Science
Dr Fred Tanyous has over 30 years experience tutoring High School and HSC students. He wrote complete courses in Mathematics and Physics, used at TAFE and some universities. He specialises in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (all levels) and Engineering Science.
MRS. FWDP | BHHS, The King's, JRAHS Head Teacher | NESA ST 1 | NESA HSC Assessor | ACER Valid8&10 Marker | NESA Chemistry Judging | NESA HSC Advisor | NESA HSC Pilot Marker | B.Sc., Dip. Ed., TESOL | Head of Science
Mrs. FW has marked the HSC for 20 years. She has received the most celebrated young science teacher in NSW, had two first in state for Chemistry, 17 other state ranks, three 3rd place in state Biology.
AVEN SHIYale University, USA | UNSW Master of Commerce | College Teacher | Certificate IV in Training | Maths Teacher
Aven taught maths and computing in TAFE Colleges for more than 10 years. She has achieved very good academic results in the study. There were many mathematics units in the program and she got high scores.
TING LITsinghua University, China | Master of Mathematics | Maths Teacher
Ting Li received her Master and Bachelor's degrees in Mathematics at Tsinghua University. She has over 5 years' experience of being a private tutor for Junior High School students and Selective & OC preparation.
STEPHANIE QIUUNSW Bachelor of Media in Journalism | English Teacher
Stephanie graduated from Chatswood High School with Advanced English and Chinese Background Speakers as her highest-achieving subjects.
EASON XIAUNSW | ATAR 99.40 | Maths, English, Chemistry, Economics Teacher
Eason is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies/Commerce degree at UNSW, achieving an ATAR of 99.40 in 2017.
ZARNAB KANWALSingapore High School Teacher | BA | Maths Teacher
Zarnab completed her bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering with majors in electronics. She has been teaching High school Maths for over 4 years in Singapore and Sydney.
PRIYANKA BHANDARIDouble Masters in Environmental Management and Microbiology | Biology, Chemistry Teacher
Priyanka has 5 years experience working as a part time tutor in India (Grade 11 and 12 - Biology, Chemistry, English) and 6 months worked as an IELTS trainer. Current experience of teaching grade 10 English, Biology and Chemistry in St. Michael's convent school (ICSE, India).
SHEETAL SOODMaster of Science in Chemistry | Science, Physics, Chemistry, English, Maths Teacher
Sheetal was a secondary school teacher in India and has more than 5 years experience in teaching students from Year 7 to Year 12, she is expertise in teaching science such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English as well as Mathematics.
NADYA DEBEERSUniversity of California, Berkeley | BA | Maths Teacher
As a recent graduate of University of California Berkeley with a bachelors degree in pure mathematics, she prides herself in her ability to think logically and understand challenging mathematical concepts. She has a great understanding of the HSC system and the NSW curriculum as well as each years Maths expectations.
ALEX GREENUniversity of Sydney | ATAR 99.45 | BA | English, Maths, Economics, Modern History, Business Study, Commerce Teacher
Alex completed high school with an ATAR of 99.45. He has recently finished a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Sydney.
NATHAN KIMUNSW | Mathematics Band 6 | Bachelor of Engineering | Maths, English, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology Teacher
Highly motivated Academic Coach studying Civil Engineering with Architecture at UNSW. Nathan has more than 6 years of experience in an academic setting as Maths, English and Science tutor for Years 3 to 12.
ELISE CHIDIACUniversity of Sydney | ATAR 99.35 | BA | English Teacher
Elise is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of International and Global Studies at the University of Sydney. Achieving an ATAR of 99.35 in 2017, she is especially skilled in teaching English Advanced and Extension 1, with extensive knowledge of the HSC English curriculum.
CELIA KANDegree in Doctor of Medicine at UNSW | ATAR 99.65 | BA | Maths, Biology, Chemistry, English Teacher
Celia is currently a university student at University of New South Wales studying a Doctor of Medicine, after graduating from James Ruse Agricultural High School in 2017 with a 99.65 ATAR. She completed Extension 2 Math, Advanced English, Chemistry and Biology for her HSC, and she has tutoring experience in a variety of other subjects as well.
SIHUA LIUUNSW | ATAR 99.15 | BA | Maths Teacher
Sihua is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Computer Science/ Mathematics degree at UNSW. He has been teaching Mathematics for 3 years, having achieved great results in Extension I and Extension II Math in the 2017 HSC.
NATALIE Z2019 Academic Distinction | SRC Leader | BA | Biology Teacher
Natalie is enrolled in university in a a bachelor of cognitive brain sciences and psychology (97 atar course). Natalie completed and graduated in 2019 received the best all rounder award and Buscall awards for exceptional effort in studies. She has experience in teaching over 20 students.
JEFF JIANGHSC All Rounder | UNSW | ATAR 99.50 | Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Commerce | Maths, Science (Chemistry & Physics), Economics Teacher
Jeff is an all-rounder in the 2019 HSC. He is experienced in small grouped tutoring and is passionate about helping students to achieve the academic result they desire. He can speak fluent Mandarin and English.
BRIAN ZHUUniversity of Sydney | Bachelor of Design Computing and Bachelor of Computer Science | Science, Maths Teacher
Brian graduated high school from The King’s school, he is a mathematics band 6 distinguished achiever and also achieved great results in mathematics extension 1. He is an experienced science material writer and is capable to teach various subjects. Brian can speak three languages: Mandarin, Cantonese and English fluently.
MONICA SHRESTHAPublished Author of ATAR NOTES | Graduated 1st place & High band 6s in English 2U, 3U&4U | BA | English Teacher
Monica is a qualified and experienced tutor who specialises in English and has obtained great results from students. A recent student of hers was offered a scholarship into the University of Sydney and UTS. With In-depth knowledge of the HSC syllabus for English and prescribed texts, she has tutored a large variation of students including top-performing selective and private schools.
BRENDON MMaster of Teaching. (Secondary). Methods: Business and Commerce | Professional Primary School English Teacher | Bachelor of Business. C.E.L.T.A. | English Teacher
Brendon has over 10 years of experience teaching ELICOS to adults and High School Preparation students and Business, Commerce and Geography to secondary students in Hong Kong and the U.K. He is also a professional English teacher in the O.C. and Selective Preparation program who has a rich teaching experience, especially in TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment in the U.K. Oxford and Cambridge Universities).
DOUGLAS REESMaster of Education | Cambridge A2 - B2 Levels | Native English Teacher | Teacher Trainer | English Teacher
Douglas has taught English Cambridge courses levels A2 - B2. As a native English teacher, he has more than 10 years experiences of teaching English and was also President of the Sydney University Linguistics Society. He has a Master of Teaching and Master of Applied Linguistics from the University of New England and a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from Sydney University.
FENG YEUniversity of Sydney Bachelor of Science (Dalyell Scholar) | E4 in Maths 3U&4U | Maths Teacher
Feng is enrolled in university of Sydney in a bachelor of Science (Medical Science). Feng has achieved band E4 in both Extension I and II Math in the 2019 HSC. Feng has 4 years of tutoring experience in Math and other subjects.
VIKA SHARMAExperienced English Class Teacher | BA in English | English Teacher
Vika is a dedicated and student-focused English educator, who is fully committed to install a supportive and engaging learning environment for all students. As a class teacher, she planned, created & delivered lessons teaching whole class in small groups and maintained discipline in the classroom and other school areas. She has gained rich experiences of teaching primary (Selective & OC) subjects while she was working for CS Education.
ERIC SUUNSW | ATAR 98.40 | BA | E4 in Maths 3U&4U | Maths Teacher
Eric is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Advanced Mathematics (Honours) / Commerce Degree at UNSW. He completed the Extension1/2 HSC Maths course in 2019, achieving great E4 results, a demonstration of his deep understanding of HSC Mathematics and its syllabus, and looks to combine them with his passion to help students and to be people driven.
JENNY COOPERPrimary School Teacher | Highly Experienced in Naplan / OC / Selective Test | English, Maths, GA Teacher
Jenny is a highly experienced Primary School teacher who has had many years preparing students for Naplan testing, Opportunity Class testing and Selective School Entrance testing. She has a particular passion for developing students individual areas of interest as well as introducing them to the pleasures of reading for recreation. She is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for all her students.
EMILY CARTERUniversity of Sydney Tutor/Marker | BA | UNSW | English, Maths & Science (Physics & Chemistry) Teacher
Emily has over 5 years tutoring experience in English, Maths and Sciences, teaching students from as young as 8 up to teaching masters level courses at university. Emily excelled in sciences in high school, earning a high distinction in the Australian Science Olympiad in chemistry and has recently completed a bachelor of chemical engineering from UNSW.
SUBYN KIMBand 6 & E4 in English 2U, 3U&4U | ATAR 96.65 | UNSW | Bachelor of Law | Ranked 7th for English 2U&3U, 9th for Legal Studies | English Teacher
Subyn is a former Baulkham Hills High School student, graduating with an ATAR of 96.65 and achieving Top 9 internally in English Advanced, English Extension 1 and Legal Studies. She has over 2 years of teaching experience and is currently studying the Bachelor of Law/Arts at the University of New South Wales.
AAKRITI NANDWANIAchieved Outstanding Result in Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2 English | Poetry Publisher | Macquarie University | BA (Double Degree) | HD in ICAS English Competition | English, Science, Biology Teacher
Aakriti has graduated from North Sydney Girls’ High School and is currently studying a double Bachelor of Arts and Science from Macquarie University. She studied Biology, Extension Classical Greek, Extension Latin and Extension II English in Year 12. She is an accomplished and passionate English student, who is dedicated to helping students improve their English skills and flourish.
GURPEARL SINGHSelective School Teacher | M.Ed. in Mathematics, BA (Hons) in Mathematics | Band 6 & E4 in Maths 2U&3U&4U | Maths & Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) Teacher
Gurpearl Singh has nearly 10 years experience teaching high school students. He has experience of teaching a wide range of students as he is a mathematics teacher at a selective high school. Gurpearl has a strong passion for teaching mathematics and science. He also has more than 5 years experience tutoring students preparing for the Selective School and Opportunity Class Placement examinations at Pre-Uni, James An and Edu-Kingdom.
ANDREW SIMPSONHigh School Teacher | M.Ed. (Secondary), B.Sc. | Science (Physics & Biology) & Maths Teacher
Andy has over 2 years of experience teaching Science at high school, currently teaching year 11 and 12 Physics and has previously tutored Mathematics to high school students. He has received a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at Western Sydney University with approval to teach Biology and Physics.
CAMERON PHANBand 6s & E4 in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths 3U&4U | University of Sydney | Doctor of Psychology | Bachelor of Science (Honours) | Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths Teacher
Cameron has just completed a Honours in Psychology at the University of Sydney. He graduated high school in 2017 with Band 6's in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, along with E4's in Math Extension 1 and 2. He has experience tutoring Maths and Science, ranging from Year 7 to HSC.
NISALYA NANAYAKKARAUniversity of Sydney | BA | James Ruse Distinguished Achiever | English & Maths Teacher
Nisalya is currently studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney after graduating from James Ruse Agricultural High School in 2017. She studied Extension 1 Maths, Extension 1 English, Chemistry, and Biology for her HSC and has experience teaching primary students. She has rich experiences of teaching primary (Selective & OC) subjects.
PAULINA KPublic Speaking and Debating Expert | Primary & Secondary School English Teacher | Master of Education in English | Bachelor's Degree in English Language Teaching | English Teacher
Paulina has more than 20 years experience in English teaching both in Europe and Australia. She has been successfully tutoring English to children from Kindergarten to Year 6, assisting them with improving their writing skills, mastering public speaking and debating as well as OC & Selective preparation.
BECKY CHANMssc, PGDE, Bsc | Senior Award-Winning Maths Teacher in HK | Grade A result in Mathematics at HKCEE | Maths Teacher
Enthusiastic, dedicated and goal-driven teacher, with more than 15 years’ experience in primary & high school settings. Taught both Junior and Senior High School levels. Besides of preparation of teaching lessons and school activities, Becky has been a Mathematics reviewer in a mock public examination for Student Guidance Centre and an award-winning instructor for an inter-high school math competition. Becky is familiar with math curriculum in Australia particularly NSW math syllabus.
TONGYU HUAll Rounder - Band 6 & E4 in All Subjects | ATAR 99.60 | Distinguished Achiever | Double Degree in Law & Engineering | University of Sydney | Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award | High Distinction in the AMC | Maths, Chemistry, English Teacher
Graduated from North Sydney Boys High School, achieving an ATAR of 99.6 and currently studying Law / Engineering at the University of Sydney. He has many years of tutoring experience, helping students with identifying lagging skills and correcting weaknesses.
JACK ZHAODouble Degree in Law and Commerce | Macquarie University | BA | English, Maths, Science (Physics & Chemistry) Teacher
Jack graduated from Baulkham Hills High School in 2020, and had achieved band E4 in Extension Maths and band 6 scores in both Advanced English and Maths in the 2020 HSC. He also has experience in teaching and tutoring students in the past.
HANNAH CHELLIAHBA | Double Degree in Law and Businessㅣ English Teacher
Hannah studied 4Us of English, 3Us of Maths, and Chemistry and is currently studying Law and Business at WSU. She has written books, poems, and scripts which she then directed/produced. Hannah has experience teaching primary and high school students and is passionate about helping students reach their academic goals.
JECOLIAH KWONGBand 6 & E4 in English 2U&3U | ATAR 96.60 | University of Sydney | BA | English Teacher
Jecoliah graduated from Girraween High School with an ATAR of 96.60, achieving a Band 6 in English Advanced and a Band E4 in English Extension 1. She has experience with both peer tutoring and volunteer work for multiple children’s programs. She is also experienced in leadership roles from inter-school groups. Jecoliah is currently a student in the University of Sydney.
RYAN WADSWORTHHSC All Rounder | ATAR 99+ | State Ranking of 17 and Internal Ranking of 1st in Business Studies | University of Sydney | BA | King's Boy Distinguished Achiever | English, Maths, Economics, Business Studies Teacher
Ryan is a graduate of The Kings School with an ATAR of 99+. He achieved a HSC all-rounder and Distinguished Achiever awards for 90+ in all his subjects, as well as a state ranking of 17 in Business Studies. Additionally, he ranked first internally in Business Studies and Economics for the Preliminaries. He has lots of experience in leadership roles such as House Vice Captain. Ryan is currently studying the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies at the University of Sydney.
JOHN CHEEBand 6s & E4 in Chemistry, Physics, English 2U, Maths 3U&4U | ATAR 99.50 | UNSW | BA | Dux of 2018 | Science, Physics, Chemistry, Maths Teacher
Graduated in 2017 with a ATAR of 99.50, John is currently studying Bachelors of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine at UNSW and Biomedical Science at UQ. Enjoys passing down his skills to his students, especially in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Science.

What Our Teachers Say

“We are working on collecting words from teachers, please wait for the updates...”
Cheryl Barnett, Academic Head
“I believe Mathematics is a beautiful thing to learn and an incredibly useful tool no matter what career path the student intends to take.”
Zarnab Kanwal, Mathematics Teacher
“We are working on collecting words from teachers, please wait for the updates...”
Stephanie Qiu, English Teacher
“Dedicated teacher adept at challenging students to reach their full potential. Ensures that every student is progressing and is held to high expectations.Teaching is my passion.”
Sheetal Sood, Science, Physics, Chemistry, English, Maths Teacher