Year 3 - 6 Overview

The OC & Selective School Tutoring courses at Reach Academy is a preparatory program designed to assist students who are seeking placement in an Opportunity Class or a Selective High School. Our Prep course specifically focuses on the exam requirements of Reading Comprehension, Mathematical Reasoning, Thinking Skills and Writing.

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Our OC/Selective courses are split into 3 stages to ensure our students grasp the fundamentals of each respective test, develop strategies to optimise their approaches and attain sufficient practice. Stage 1 (Foundation) teaches the basics of the OC/Selective test, equipping students with essential numeracy, literacy and critical thinking skills. Stage 2 (Trial Preparation) helps students establish strategies to tackle questions of all difficulty levels and topics with confidence. Stage 3 (Trial) provides students with timed practice to apply and hone their abilities, as well as in-depth explanations of areas of improvement.


Our OC/Selective courses offer numerous benefits for our students

Bridging Stage

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Our Stage 2 (Trial Preparation) is unique in bridging the difficulty gap between normal (W)EMT foundations and mock Trials. Students are able to walk through all topics with teachers in great depth with our tailored material, optimising their performance in actual Trials.

Experienced Teachers

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Our teachers are incredibly knowledgeable in primary content, with experience in ICAS and NAPLAN paper development/marking, and primary school teaching. As opposed to normal tutors who are not as familiar with the syllabus, our teachers ensure our students fully grasp all topics at hand.

Trial Advantages

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Our trial papers are thoroughly covered, question-by-question, by teachers who go over the most efficient ways to tackle particular problems, and propose adaptable strategies for future trial attempts. Students take home the papers and solutions to re-attempt and correct their previous mistakes, ensuring our students are continually improving.

Private Tutoring

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One-on-one private tutoring is a part of our OC/Selective courses. It is available at any stage of our courses, for students who need additional help or want to get further ahead. Teachers may recommend it or parents can request it for students.


“English teaches you critical thinking skills that carry you through life.”
Cheryl Barnett, Academic Head
“I believe Mathematics is a beautiful thing to learn and an incredibly useful tool no matter what career path the student intends to take.”
Zarnab Kanwal, Mathematics Teacher
“Teaching English empowers minds, bridges understanding and unlocks limitless possibilities.”
Stephanie Qiu, English Teacher
“Teachers should challenge students to reach their full potential. In ensuring every student is progressing and being held to high expectations, teaching is my passion.”
Sheetal Sood, Science, Physics, Chemistry, English, Maths Teacher
“Mathematics is a beautiful and universal art form. I want to inspire students to view it this way too.”
Piv Huot, Maths Headteacher, HSC Senior Marker, Team Leader
“English is a skill fundamental to all future careers.”
Anna Rose Mchugh, English Headteacher, DPhil, Oxford & PhD, NESA Education Officer
“Teaching sparks minds and shapes futures.”
Jenni F, English Teacher, NESA Education Officer, Oxford University Press Editor
“Science teaches you about the virtues of curiosity.”
Dr. Fred, Science Headteacher, Western Sydney University Professor
“My job is not to prepare students for something, but to help them prepare for anything.”
James Gurr, English Teacher
“Mathematics teaches you to become a creative thinker.”
Tina Li, Maths Teacher, Tsinghua University Master of Mathematics
“I believe that teaching students the beauty of mathematics is an honour, not a burden.”
Nadya Debeers, Maths Teacher, University of California, Berkeley
“English shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about.”
Ashley Rickman, English Teacher, Cambridge University Language Expert, NAPLAN Expert Marker
“Teaching allows me to pass on knowledge, in hopes that it will be passed on again.”
Jenny Cooper, English Teacher, Primary School Teacher
“It is my responsibility to teach the future leaders of this world.”
Becky Chan, Maths Teacher, Senior Award-Winning Maths Teacher in HK

Great futures begin with great HSC results

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